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Car Seat cover

Universal size for 95% car

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What our customers have to say...

These worked well for my little project for my boyfriend's birthday surprise. He drives a Nissan Note. They're stretchy and id say they're universal and can fit almost any sedan or coupe car.

mauricio souza

I like these a lot. I haven't quite managed to install the back seat portion yet, but the front seat was easy and looks fantastic. They are not super high quality material but mostly got them to class up my car a little which has acquired a lot of water stains over the years. I love it!


Looks great! It takes some time but you can do it by yourself! Needs some “stay put tape”(double sided) or the base of seat slides around on leather seats when you try to get out of the vehicle. They are comfortable-but they hold heat-so I see summer getting uncomfortable-but looking good!


Everybody saying its hard. Well, its hard and takes a long time to install it. But, its well worth it. the fitting of this seat cover looks very professional. I gave them fives stars for the quality and delivery service really quick. I hope every company would be like them. My friends says they love it.


I installed these car covers on my wife's 2013 Toyota Camry.
Good Fit
We love the look as the cars interior is silver and black already.
It will take some time to install so don't think you can knock it out in a hour. To do it right plan on spending at least 3-4 hours.

Tracy Webb

It is very happy to get this one. It is easy to put on my car, and it looks very great and stable. I like the back and the seat are in one piece, so there would not have anything left at my seat under the cover when I drop something, and also the cover won’t go with me when I leave the seat. It is much better than my previous one.